ReChina Expo is a leading trade show for Printing equipment, Printing consumables, 3D Printing. Go green with ReChina ! ReChina亚洲打印技术及耗材展是全球最大的专业国际打印展会之一, 欢迎参加!                                            ReChina Expo is a leading trade show for Printing equipment, Printing consumables, 3D Printing. Go green with ReChina ! ReChina亚洲打印技术及耗材展是全球最大的专业国际打印展会之一, 欢迎参加!
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List as a supplier in ReChina top50 program 加入ReChina Top50优秀供应商候选
Vote for your top 50 suppliers

"ReChina Top50 Suppliers Program" is organized by ReChina Expo and RePrint Magazine in the printers and consumables industry. The top 50 suppliers will be elected from hundreds of candidates from China and other countries and districts.

ReChina Top50 Suppliers Program is a long term program which will be open continuously on line. Tens of thousands of worldwide professionals are expected to join the program each year, voting or adding likes for their favorites. A yearly list of winners will be concluded during each session of ReChina Expo.

Top 50 suppliers shall be those supplying good quality products at competitive price, the most reliable and the easiest to cooperate with. The buyers, distributors, end users and all the industry people involved will surely know who are the best and make the right choice.

Candidates will be selected from qualified exhibitors of ReChina Expo. Other excellent companies in the industry can also apply to be the candidates. Supervision Committee will be formed to fairly conduct the program. The supervision committee mainly consists of international buyers.

ReChina Top50 Suppliers Program is free of charge for all the candidates and the winners. The program will help buyers and inspire the suppliers as well. The program is aimed at healthy development of the industry.

ReChina Top 50优秀供应商推选活动由ReChina亚洲打印技术及耗材展览会和RePrint打印时代杂志将组办。活动将从中国和其他国家及地区的数百家候选企业中推选出打印行业Top50优秀供应商。

ReChina Top50优秀供应商推选活动是一项长期行业活动,一直连续进行。每年将有上万名行业人士从全球各地参与网上投票和点赞。每届ReChina亚洲打印展期间将公布部分年度推选结果。

ReChina Top50优秀供应商应能够提供优质产品和技术、价格具有竞争力、服务良好、信用可靠、容易合作的企业。广大行业内人士的长期参与,一定推选出最好的供应商。

ReChina参展商中的部分合格企业可参加Top50优秀供应商的候选,打印技术及耗材行业的其他优秀厂商也可申请参加。活动将成立评审指导委员会(Supervision Committee),评审指导委员会主要由国际买家组成。

ReChina Top50优秀供应商活动全程免费。这一活动将为国外采购商提供可靠的供应资源,并为优秀供应商带来更多客户。活动旨在促进打印行业的健康发展。

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