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Online voting for ReChina Top50 Suppliers is now open, find your best suppliers!       投票点赞正在进行,这里有您最好的供应商!                        Online voting for ReChina Top50 Suppliers is now open, find your best suppliers!        投票点赞正在进行,这里有您最好的供应商!                        Online voting for ReChina Top50 Suppliers is now open, find your best suppliers!       投票点赞正在进行,这里有您最好的供应商!
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ReChina 3D Expo        亚洲3D打印展
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企业网上排名主要根据投票、点赞和对企业网站的访问量决定。参展企业可获得ReChina Top50优秀供应商投票,所有企业都可接受点赞和网站访问。请为您的优秀供应商点赞,让优秀供应商脱颖而出。


无论公司大小、新老、中外,都可能是优秀的供应商。ReChina Top50优秀供应商应该是能够满足客户和用户标准和需求,是可靠可信容易合作的供应商,是众多买家们希望寻找的供应商。



ReChina Expo is the world’s leading printer & consumables expo held annually in Shanghai.

To help the customers find the 3D products and services, and to inspire the best 3D suppliers, the organizer will initiate and promote the “ReChina Top50 Suppliers Program” throughout the industry. We welcome all 3D enterprises to participate in this program. It is all free!

3D enterprises will be ranked mainly according to votes, partially according to likes, and the number of visits to their websites will be also calculated for ranking. ReChina exhibitors can accept vote, likes and visits, while all enterprises can accept likes and visits to the websites. You are kindly requested to add a like for your best suppliers.

Which suppliers are the best? Different people have different answers. On one hand, most big companies are among the best. They get big market shares by their well-known brands, quality products, strong supplying capacity, and high-standard management and service. They are the best for big buyers. However many buyers may prefer to buy medium and small quantity at more competitive price.

Therefore on the other hand, medium and small companies can also be the best, as they can supply good quality products in medium-small quantity at more competitive price.

ReChina top 50 suppliers are not necessarily big or small, old or new, in China or in other countries. But they shall be able to meet buyers' and users' standards and requirements, shall be all reliable and easy to cooperate, shall be those who most buyers are looking for.

You may vote/like for ReChina top 50 suppliers according to your standard and understanding.

You may easily find best suppliers from those ranked on the top. However, many best suppliers might be ranked lower temporarily because they were listed in a later time. You are kindly requested to vote or add a like for those you think are the best, regardless to where they are ranked. In the long run, we believe that all those ranked on the top will be the best suppliers.